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Photo Vault app ensures the Security and privacy of photos, videos, and documents.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to ensure the security of your Files. This app has finger lock and pin lock features. You can protect and maintain the privacy of your files using this security app lock is all.

No data or user information is uploaded to or stored on external servers by the application. Only your device stores all of your pictures, movies, secrets, and memories. Keep separate backups of your photo and video data, please.

Take pictures with the built-in camera in the secret picture vault or move already-taken pictures from the Camera Roll.

Identity Theft

Why visit Photosvault

Photo vault is security-driven with photo security.

Keep Photos Safe
Photo vault

About Photos Vault App

Where your valuable files find the best protection and your privacy is a top priority is all About Photos Vault. We get that your personal and private stuff is really important, and that’s why we created this app with super strong security features to keep your files safe.

Think of Photos Vault like a secret hideout for your photos and important files. You know how you might have a secret hiding spot for your cool stuff? Well, About Photos Vault is like that, but digital!

So, whether it’s your vacation photos, funny videos, or important notes, Photos Vault is here to keep them safe and sound. It’s like having your own digital lockbox for your cool stuff! Contact us for more info.

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