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Get Started With The A-B-C of Mobile Phone Privacy

Friendly Tips to Keep Your Photos and Videos Safe from Intruders

With your mobile phone helping you on your day-to-day activities and continuously evolving to serve you with all the functionalities you can ever imagine, how sure are you that your mobile phone privacy is safe?

Visualize this – you accidentally left your mobile phone somewhere as you are in a hurry to go to another location. Several minutes later, a complete stranger passed by and saw your mobile phone lying on the floor. Without anyone around, he placed it in a bag, and went home. Fortunately for this person, he was able to easily access the home screen as it did not require any PIN, password, fingerprint, nor facial recognition. Voila! That easy, he has now access to your text messages, e-mail exchanges, phone contacts, browser history, banking and financial details, folders of confidential files, applications, and most importantly – your cherished photo albums of personal photos, and videos.

Surely, no one would want this to happen. Don’t fret– SECURITY is the key! Here are some friendly tips on how to make sure that your personal photos and videos on your mobile phone are safe:

Mobile Phone Privacy Issues: Always Lock Your Phone

The golden rule of securing your mobile phone is to always lock it when not used. You may set an automatic phone lock within a certain amount of time so in case you forget to do it manually, you don’t need to worry. The shorter you set the time, the safer it is. Do not be overconfident to keep your phone idle even just for thirty (30) seconds or so. A lot can happen in a blink of an eye, what more several minutes and seconds.

Your lock screen should always be partnered with a strong password. It may be a passcode, fingerprint, pattern, or facial recognition. Do not make your passwords an easy giveaway by using a string of consecutive or repeating numbers (e.g. ‘00000’ and ’12345’), your birthday date, or any other personal information. As much as possible, use a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters or lift a passcode from a password generator.

Mobile Phone Privacy Concerns: Beware of Downloads

When downloading mobile applications, make sure that you only select from verified application stores. To ensure that your downloaded application can be trusted, look at application reviews, contact information of providers, and the latest updates for further reference.

There are also camera applications which often do automatic backups. Beware of these applications as intruders may look at these folders to steal your data. Downloading of malicious applications may also bring unwarranted hidden cameras and spy cameras. Due to the evolution of technology, stalkers use your smartphone as a tool to sleuth on you.

Aside from the potential acquisition of malware, downloading illegitimate applications from third-party sources on your mobile phone can pose several negative consequences. Thus, you should not be too relaxed but take the necessary precautions.

Mobile Phone Privacy Illusion: Consider Security Applications

You are always in incognito mode when you browse through web pages and upload your photos and you think you are secure? Well sorry to tell you, you are still not safe. With all the different things you have to keep in mind and watch out for in the digital world, having a trusted security application can put your mind at ease that your gallery of personal photos and videos are for your eyes only.

Keep your picture photos and videos safe with the right partner you can trust for your mobile phone security needs – Photo Vault: Keep Photos Safe.

Photo Vault: Keep Your Photos Safe

Photo Vault is an exclusive application that offers iPhone users topnotch security features. It is such a photo saver as it is so easy and convenient to use. Keep your photos and videos safe by using your built-in camera to take the pictures in the secret photo application. You can also move your existing iPhone photos from your Camera Roll into the Photo Vault.

Photo Vault also allows you to lock your private photos and video memories. Keep important documents safe, plan surprises and gifts in peace, and protect copies of your valued documents with Photo Vault’s premium security fingerprint and pin.  It also offers these exciting features:

1) Lets You Add Filter to your Saved Photos;

2) Lets You Crop Photos to the Desired Shape;

3) Lets You Save Photos back to Gallery;

4) Deletes Photos/Videos/Documents from the Album;

5) Lets You Retrieve your PIN information in case you forgot it.

So amazing, isn’t it?

You also need not worry of unnecessary photo and video backups! What’s more is that this application does not store or upload any data or user information to external servers. Thus, make sure your device can save all your photos, videos, secrets, and memories.

It is a sad reality that millions of mobile phones are stolen each year. The risk of your handset ending up on someone else’s hands is always a possibility. Regardless, it is always up to you to make the next best move. It’s a good idea to secure your valuable data in case the unimaginable circumstances occur.

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