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Why It Pays to Secure Photos and Videos

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Photos and Videos on Your Phone Safe

In a world where almost everything is digital, having peace of mind that your valuable data on your gadgets is safe is a need. And what device usually is the most accessible and contains the most information about you? Yes, you got it right – YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Hence, you must make sure to secure photos and videos in your smartphone.

A mobile phone’s function has evolved with time to secure photos and videos. It is no longer just a hand-held gadget as it does not merely allow you to communicate with people despite of distance, but it also serves as your home and office in one. From setting your mobile alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, recording the distance you have jogged in a day, feeding you with the latest news and happenings all over the world, setting your meetings with your colleagues, shopping your needs online, entertaining you with up-to-date music and movies, and a lot more, your mobile phone has become a sanctuary of your life’s major activities.

One major purpose of having a mobile phone is to secure photos and videos. The generation today is lucky as it has become very convenient and easy nowadays to capture life’s greatest memories, unlike before where one needs to go to a photo booth or even bring a camera and have the taken pictures developed and printed. 

Secure Photos and Videos With Photo Vault

As your photos and videos say a lot about you, it is very important to make sure that you keep it safe. Here are several reasons why securing your photos and videos is very important:

  1. You Are Protecting Your Biological Information

Almost everyone keeps a digital copy of their valid identification documents may it be a driver’s license, passport, police clearance, or school ID. Others may even have a copy of their e-signatures and images of their other valuable documents. Thus, letting anyone have easy access on your mobile phone may lead to other people using your private information to no good. Some might even use your name and details posing for fraudulent transactions. Such happening is a major hassle and you will not want this to happen to you. 

  1. You Are Preserving Memories of Your Loved Ones

Your eldest child’s first ballet recital, your family’s first out of the country get-away trip, your best friend’s business store opening, your wedding anniversary – these are just some of life’s most priceless memories you would want to preserve and play over and over again. Make sure that you will be able to relieve these great moments several years from now by securing these captured memories today.

  1. You Want to Keep Your Transactions Safe

More often during online meetings, people screenshot slides with valuable company information to have a reference of it later on. One might also keep snapshots of bills, bank accounts, and written lists of passwords. Reason for this is that people don’t want to bring a notebook or various papers every time they go out and in this way, they have the information with them all the time and can readily access it when needed. These types of information should be for your consumption only thus helping you to secure photos and videos in your smartphone.

  1. You Plan to Give Surprises and Gifts

Having trouble keeping a gift or planning a surprise party for a loved one? This is so common that even a friend who borrowed your phone might sneak a peek out of curiosity. When you make sure that your Gallery is protected, you no longer have to worry. Surely, the look of happiness on those people’s faces is very rewarding if you pull off your plan well.

  1. You Have Things You Want to Keep Confidential

Almost everyone has things they want to keep only for themselves. It may be too personal that they cannot share it with anyone else or just for the reason of maintaining social boundaries. While there’s the right to privacy, it pays to take another step higher on securing your data. Put your mind at ease that your information is safe.

Your mobile phone has information of almost everything about you. It might be serious if it happened to end up in the wrong hands. You don’t want to wake up the next day seeing you and your loved ones’ faces all over the internet. Thus, it is important that you take efforts on making sure that your valuable data is safe. 

Fear no more! Start securing your photos and videos by trying Photo Vault: Keep Photos Safe.

Photo Vault: Keep Photos Safe is an application designed exclusively for iPhone users which offers topnotch security features. It is easy and convenient to use. You only need to either use your built-in camera to take pictures in the secret photo application or move existing camera roll images.

The Photo Vault also allows you to lock your private photos and video memories, keep important documents safe, lets you plan surprises and gifts in peace, and protect copies of your valued documents. This application does not store or upload any data or user information to external servers. Thus make sure that all your photos, videos, secrets, memories stays only on your device. Other than securing photos and videos of users, it also offers these exciting features. This includes:

1) Add Filter to your Saved Photos;

2) Crop Photos to the Desired Shape;

3)Save Photos back to Gallery;

4) Deleted Photos/Videos/Documents from the Album;

5) Retrieve your PIN information in case you forgot it.

Keep your preserved moments intimate by making sure that your prized photos and videos are safe. It is your life after all, not for anyone else’s eyes to see.

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